Birthing a new company and product has been compared to having a baby. Hmmmm, not quite. For me, the day my daughter was born will always be “the best day ever.” Today, I have two “best days” – the birth of my daughter and the birth of my granddaughter. So bringing a new product to the world does not rank as high as bringing a new baby into the world.

Yet, the feelings are so similar. The fears of bringing a new product to market and the worry of how to manage the cash flow mimics the fears that grips a new mother or father when thinking of their new child rearing responsibility and the costs of raising a child. The excitement of seeing your first set of blocks coming out of the injection molding machine may remind one of the joy that fills your soul when seeing your child on that first sonogram.

Our new toy pregnancy stage took 2 ½ years from conception to actual birth. Our advisor Michelle who has worked at a major toy company reassured us the timeline is very normal. Toys created by large toy companies take typically 2 years in the concept to market cycle. The journey has been tough, fun and full of surprises. We are a better team because of it.

Next month, we will share with you and your family our happy, robust and unique new toy. Her name is AlphaTechBlocks! We will be announcing the details of her arrival very soon.

We thank you for your patience, your love and your encouragement.

Marilu Rios Kernan