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Learn Through Play

Place any block on the screen and watch that letter come to life in our library of ABC games.

Our apps are created using proven educational principles.

Learn literacy skills in both English and Spanish with silly characters and fun stories.

Build healthy digital habits for young learners.

Silly Play for Serious Brain Development

  • Safe, Non-Toxic Materials

    AlphaTechBlocks are made from only FDA approved materials.

  • Fun for Everyone

    AlphaTechBlocks are made to grow with a child from their early years through first grade.

  • Safe for Screens

    AlphaTechBlocks are made from soft, rubbery material that will not damage screens.


Were can I find the apps that are compatible with AlphaTechBlocks?

Please visit the iOS store on your iPad and download the desired apps.

How exactly do the blocks work?

AlphaTechBlocks are made of conductive plastic that uses the natural energy from your hand to create a response on the screen when place on the iPad.

Is my tablet compatible with AlphaTechBlocks?

AlphaTechBlocks work on iPads due to the conductive materials used in the physical blocks AND the touch technology built into the iPad. The energy emanating from a human hand touching the block is transmitted through the block to the touch points located on the bottom of the block.

Are the blocks safe for the screen?

Yes. AlphaTechBlocks are made from a soft rubber material that will not damage your screen.