Alphabet blocks interacting with mobile devices.

Teaching preschoolers literacy skills through FUN games.

Montessori-inspired Bilingual Digital Games

Playing is the best way to learn!

Our game-based apps are full of silly characters, fun stories AND based on sound educational principles.

Our smart toy helps parents build healthy digital habits for their young learners.

“Children can learn words from an interactive touchscreen interface with HIGH QUALITY programs.” American Academy of Pediatrics

Tactile Toys for Digital and Non-Digital Play.

AlphaTechBlocks are a traditional toy.

Babies and toddlers enjoy non-digital play with our blocks just like we did with wooden alphabet blocks.

Our blocks are designed for small hands to stack, throw, and even put into their mouth.

All our materials are non-toxic and baby-safe.

Silly Play for Serious Brain Development.

O to Age 3

Fastest Brain Growth

Age 3

80% Brain Capacity

Age 5

90% Brain Capacity

Safe, Non-Toxic Materials. Easy to Clean.

No Bluetooth. No Electronics. No Batteries.

AlphaTechBlocks operates on safe, conductive materials and genius software code.

Safe for infants and toddlers.

“Give nothing to the mind until you first give it to the hands.” Maria Montessori

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