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Alpha Play Learn

  • Explore the sounds & shapes of letters
  • Learn words in English & Spanish
  • Letters come to life in silly sentences
Alpha Fish App Icon

Alpha Fish

  • Learn letters by finding the block that matches the letter on the screen
  • Improve auditory and visual learning retention
  •   Play with vowels, consonants, or the whole alphabet
Alpha Treasure App Icon

Alpha Treasure

  • Hunt treasure by completing literacy challenges
  • Exposure to new words and objects
  • Become a bilingual learner

Our bilingual ABC games are designed to be used in conjunction with our Smart Toys, AlphaTechBlocks.

Increase brain development and learning retention by playing in a multi-sensory environment.

We have combined modern learning tools with a traditional toy to create a wholesome education experience.

Contains a fun & friendly built in keyboard allowing full use of the game if a block has been misplaced or to play on the go.

More Fun Games Coming Soon...


Alpha Builder


Alpha Pop Pop